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Allegro is the leading platform in Poland. There are 20 million people visiting Allegro every month, which corresponds to around 80% of all internet users in Poland.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Poland
  • Customers: unknown
  • Market opening: 1999
  • Website: https://allegro.pl/


Amazon is probably the best-known online marketplace in our latitudes. According to Statista (de), the platform Amazon, which started as an online bookstore, had 300 million active customers in 2015.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: over 17 countries worldwide
  • Customers: over 300 million
  • Market opening: 1994
  • Website: https://amazon.com


During the last 20 years, bol.com has grown from an online bookstore to one of the leading Dutch eCommerce platforms with annual sales of over one billion euros.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Customers: over 11 million
  • Market opening: 1999
  • Website: https://bol.com


Cdiscount is the leading eCommerce platform in France. Since the end of 2011, third-party providers have also been able to benefit from the popularity of Cdiscount and offer their products on the so-called C Market.


With over 100 million visitors per year, CDON is one of the best-visited online marketplaces in Northern Europe. According to the company, almost 80% of the Nordic population knows CDON.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Northern Europe
  • Customers: unknown
  • Market opening: 1999
  • Website: https://cdon.se/

Check24 Shopping

The Check24 platform, known as a comparison portal, has been working on its own marketplace system since 2012 - Check24 Shopping. Check24 Shopping benefits from the more than 15 million Check24 customers who are guided to their own marketplace with the loyalty program and is well on the way to a full range of products.


Crowdfox is a German online marketplace that is financed through membership fees and fixed transaction fees without charging merchants. They can pass their savings directly on to customers.


eBay is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world. In addition to the original concept of auctioning, often used products from private to private, eBay has become more and more professional in recent years and has developed towards B2C.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: over 200 countries worldwide
  • Customers: over 182 million
  • Market opening: 1995
  • Website: https://www.ebay.com/


eMag is a broad-based online marketplace with a core target group in Eastern Europe. With over 750,000 articles listed, Romania's largest marketplace offers customers a huge selection of products in a wide variety of categories.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland
  • Customers: over 500,000
  • Market opening: 2001
  • Website: https://www.emag.ro/


With a reach of over 4 million potential customers per month, ePrice is one of the largest online marketplaces in Italy. With additional services relating to the installation and protection of large household appliances, ePrice offers its customers a unique shopping experience.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Italy
  • Customers: over 4 million
  • Market opening: 2000
  • Website: https://www.eprice.it/


Fnac is one of the largest online marketplaces in France. In addition to French customers, Fnac also reaches customers from Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and Belgium through its country-specific versions of the platform.

  • Categories: Culture, Electronics, Household, Garden
  • Region: France and five other European countries
  • Customers: 2.5 million in FR
  • Market opening: unknown
  • Website: https://www.fnac.com/


Fruugo is a global online marketplace with over 10 million products in its range.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: over 46 countries worldwide
  • Customers: 1.5 million
  • Market opening: 2006
  • Website: https://www.fruugo.com/


limango is an online marketplace for families with children between 0 and 10 years of age . Therefore they offer a target group with a particularly high purchasing power. According to limango (de), 20% of all mothers in Germany have already ordered from the platform.

  • Categories: Family, Clothing and Housing
  • Region: Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria and Poland
  • Customers: over 2 million
  • Market opening: 2007
  • Website: https://www.limango.de/ehp


The Metro marketplace offers customers a selection from over 200,000 products from almost all categories. In contrast to stationary stores, private and business customers can shop without a Metro member card.


myWorld is a global online marketplace that focuses on close customer loyalty and motivates its customers to buy regularly with frequent cashback campaigns. The customer service operates in different languages to provide the best possible shopping experience.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: 50 countries worldwide
  • Customers: 14 million
  • Market opening: unknown
  • Website: https://myworld.com


OTTO is one of the largest online mail order companies in Germany. In 2020, the group also gave retailers the opportunity to offer their own products on the marketplace and benefit from the shop's average of 1.9 million daily visitors.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Germany
  • Customers: 7.5 million
  • Market opening: 2013
  • Website: https://www.otto.de/


Rakuten is a global internet company from Japan, which in addition to fintech and telecommunications services also operates large online marketplaces. According to its own statement, the Rakuten Group has a total of over 1.4 billion customers. It is unknown how many of these are eCommerce customers.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: France, Taiwan, USA, Japan
  • Customers: unknown
  • Market opening: 1997
  • Website: https://www.rakuten.com/


Since mid-2018, Real has enabled retailers to benefit from the general awareness of the brand via its own online marketplace and to present products to millions of people.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Germany
  • Customers: unknown
  • Market opening: 2016
  • Website: https://www.real.de/


ricardo.ch is the leading eCommerce platform in Switzerland. With almost 4 million members, almost every second Swiss citizen is registered on the platform.

  • Categories: From A to Z
  • Region: Switzerland
  • Customers: 3.7 million
  • Market opening: 1998
  • Website: https://www.ricardo.ch/


voelkner is a German online marketplace that primarily covers the areas of electronics, home improvement and leisure. The target group of the online retailer includes private customers, as well as corporate customers.

  • Categories: Technology, DIY, Leisure
  • Region: Germany
  • Customers: over 5 million
  • Market opening: 2009
  • Website: https://www.voelkner.de/


wayfair is a multinational online marketplace for household goods and home furnishings and is one of the most successful shops of this category in the USA.

  • Categories: Household, Living
  • Region: Germany, Canada, UK, USA
  • Customers: over 19 million
  • Market opening: 2002
  • Website: https://www.wayfair.com/

last updated: 09/26/2020